Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Far From the Madding Crowd


Besides being a wonderful character study of unique complex characters, Far From the Madding Crowd allowed us a chance to talk about women's rights, child labour, mental illness and abuse. Our students enjoyed the contrast of the men in Bathsheba's life and it helped to draw out other issues.
This I would say, was one of my favourite discussions, only because I wasn't sure how this movie would be received. 

Here are the questions for Far From the Madding Crowd.


Anna and the King


Our next Movies for Learning session Anna and the King was a great one to explore Dictatorship vs. Monarchy and where the line was drawn between those two political philosophies. There were many struggles in this movie and many scenes to draw out other themes such as honour, love, freedom and humility. The students really enjoyed it!

Here are the questions for Anna and the King.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

McFarland, USA - Movies for Learning


McFarland, USA was a great movie to discuss our attitude toward life despite poverty or circumstances. This movie was a great way to look at what makes home and a feeling of belonging. We also were able to talk about labour laws and how we look at work. Though I wouldn't say this was a favourite of the students, we still had a rich discussion. 

Here are the questions for McFarland, USA.

The Emperor's Club - Ethics - Movies for Learning


Our next session in Movies for Learning was The Emperor's Club. There were many ethical dilemmas in this movie and our students took hold and struggled with their own ethical judgement! Following the lives of Mr. Hundert and his students brought ethics to the forefront of how to live life. It was a great discussion time! 

Here are the questions for The Emperor's Club.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Roman Holiday - Ethics - Social Justice - Movies for Learning


Our next few movies will be about ethics - starting with Roman Holiday. This movie was a favourite of many of our students. There were enough ethical struggles in it to make it an interesting discussion and the overall characters and plot made this a winner!

Here are the questions for Roman Holiday.

The Good Lie - Social Justice - Movies for Learning


Our next movie this year based on our theme of Social Justice was The Good Lie. This was a great movie and really was timely based on issues of refugees and immigration. The students had their eyes opened in this movie! 

Zoom is working very well for us this year! It is a great way to meet together! 

Here are the questions for The Good Lie.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Cry Freedom - Social Justice - Apartheid


This was an excellent movie to explore the social justice issue of Apartheid. Our students really enjoyed this one and especially because it was a true story. They were moved by the men and women that were highlighted through this movie. I would certainly recommend this movie for High School students studying social justice issues.

Here are the questions for Cry Freedom.